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Divadlo nad Labem

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Would you like to visit our salon?

Have you ever listened about special salon, where you can try original procedures with erotic elements? It is quite famous in the world, because it is very favourite service. We know that we can help you in few minutes with removing stress and problems from your mind. And how does it work? It is very easy, you will choose perfect procedure that you will like and then you can choose also girl, who will take care about you later. You will know our room where is also bath, so you can start by aromatic bath or shower that can create inaction in your entrails. Try for example nuru massage, you will not bemoan.

New methods

Each person should know new methods. Why stay only with traditional actions? There are lots of possibilities, who you can relax and find the good results. Do you like special and intimate touches from beautiful girl? We have lots of professional experts, who are here for you. During nuru procedure will be our girl absolutely naked and she can help you in short time. She will slide on you and she can take care also about your penis and other intimate parties. Don´t hesitate and come here.